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Luxury Yacht / August 26, 2016

Westport - America's Yachts Builders

Considering that the founding of the Westport Shipyard in 1964, we've built and established a multitude of vessels, from commercial fishing boats for sale and fast passenger ferries to luxurious motoryachts.

Our original target ocean-going craft for North Pacific commercial fishing fleet is becoming a foundation of your commitment to quality design and building, and it is reflected within the steadfast seaworthiness of each motoryacht we've built.

These days, Westport creates composite motoryachts, each one of these an eloquent declaration of elegant style, stellar performance and unparalleled convenience ... and every one effectively crafted to world-class boat building requirements.

Complete Square Footage Of Buildings And Acres Of Land

  • Westport Ship Yard - 170, 000 square feet enclosed
  • Port Angeles - 100, 000 sqft enclosed
  • Cabinet store - 80, 000 square feet enclosed
  • Upholstery Shop - 4, 100 square feet enclosed

Complete Vessels Built

  • Recreational Yachts - 100 +
  • Commercial Fishing - 170
  • Commercial Passenger - 35