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Popular Yachts / June 27, 2019

13505 Bali Means
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 823-5545

Suggest this cruising college. Really friendly and knowledgeable instructors plus company staff. Many on-the-water time for you practice your talent. I have finished both the ASA 101 and 103 courses together and appearance toward taking much more in the near future. Thanks Bluewater!

My recommendation based from a-year of personal experience as students because school: select another school. You simply will not go initially as a paying buyer but should be susceptible to the property owner's dishonest policies. You can find presently five ASA qualified schools in the Marina, and although that one appears to be the oldest, it really is run by a unique owner who "inherited" the college from the former owner who fled to Alaska and left without informing anyone. Months passed and not until delinquent slide costs and bills held accumulated along with staff not receiving paid did any person noticed. The latest owner, Elliott, was an instructor during the time and made a decision to "jump" into overpowering this venture. His decreased experience is clear for the reason that he provides no customer support to students, lacks reliability and does not retain in alignment along with his staff in regards to guidelines. I would ike to explain: 1) the initial day of your pupil program, you're getting in love with a "package". Do your mathematics properly, as package may not add up. One the main package that staff and owner try to sell you on could be the extra "complimentary Charters." You shouldn't be mistaken, you're investing in them upfront, only at a discounted rate, and you are addressed like another course citizen when you really try to get all of them. Weekends you will be wait-listed and de-prioritized to "paying consumers" for charters (hold off, i have spent 2k + here plus a referral we earned and I can't use my free charter on a weekend? You are saying i have to utilize it through the few days? Well I work until 5PM daily, just how is this going the work?) The dog owner frankly doesn't care. 2) The owner smokes cigarettes during classes and you will smell it as he's training programs making the knowledge repulsing. Additionally, he repeats himself, talks long and doesn't resonate to work. All other hired instructors be seemingly relaxed, effective and interestingly had little good to say about the owner other than he spared Bluewater Sailing from going bankrupt. They really felt irritated with him too. 3) Staff will-call and hammer one to remind you to definitely sign up for future classes, however when it comes down time for them to present any sort of courtesy telephone call (waiting a few momemts for you really to come consider a boat) they will go back home rather than call you, even when they state in the phone that they will wait for you. One worker said she would be staying until 6PM and left by 5:10PM. I got here with a group at 5:30PM and called the owner. He place the blame on her and stated she required a lunch break and quite often accommodates people too much. 4) Elliott appears to be misogynistic: ladies beware. He sets the blame on his female staff constantly if they aren't in positioning together with his policies. He told me girls often "overextend by themselves." You indicate girls want to provide customer care and accommodate paying customers? His front staff person Amy, almost runs the business and may do a better work possessing the business than him. He lacks tact and ability to hold consumers happy. Furthermore he failed to provide my female partner and I a "partners discount" although on paper at the office it obviously states "ask about our couples rebate." It really is clear LGBT are not addressed similarly right here which ultimately is illegal. Before you subscribe, meet the owner directly and then make yes you want to join dealing with their persona.

Had an incredible knowledge about Bluewater Sailing. Skipper Dean was great to go on a chartered sail with, and our 6 year-old had a blast (despite some seasickness.). We will certainly be back!

I simply completed their fundamental Keelboat program. I would ike to state that they are exceptionally professional, concerned about safety because their priority and have the most useful instructors. I experienced previously done courses at another college within the Marina, although instruction ended up being bad. The inventors at Bluewater are pros. Definitely the best instruction We have had when compared to all sorts of courses We have taken over many years (for all my hobbies;). I recommend this college and I also am getting excited about all my future courses using them. Now ensure you get your landlubber self up to them and jibe ho!

We came right here to check things out and brush upon my rusty skills with my boyfriend, that has never ever set base on a sailboat before the first-day associated with the ASA 101 course. Brian and Lennox were awesome trainers and we also cannot have requested a better knowledge. Everyone there was super-cool and there is no force to buy more classes or (eek) a boat, like at a lot of other places. We are thinking about finding its way back for the coastal cruising courses in spring, also - we are therefore excited! Many thanks, Elliott and Amy, you guys run a good ship! ;)

I had scheduled a personal course and paid my deposit when it comes to tutorial. I had to terminate my tutorial and Elliot decided to refund the complete deposit amount although this is a non-refundable deposit apparently. Pleased Elliot worked this out as might work vacation plans altered. I'll absolutely reschedule whenever I are in the city next. Although i've not made use of them for classes, we appreciate the way in which he runs his company. Thanks A Lot Elliot.