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Popular Yachts / December 25, 2014

As a Yacht Consultant, John brokers brand-new and pre-owned cruising vessels. He in addition provides expert assistance to their consumers with regards to Sailing as well as the Cruising life. An excellent listener in your mind, John is happy to play devil’s recommend to make certain their consumers have examined their particular options and generally are purchasing a yacht based upon characteristics which are undoubtedly vital that you them.

an US coast-guard Captain, John has logged over 20, 000 miles at sea running personal and charter yachts from as far south as Trinidad, to as far north as New Brunswick. The full time at ocean has actually aided him to develop both knowledge and skills when controling mom Nature’s fury, including squalls and violent thunder or wind storms.

Just before becoming a boat specialist, John had been a top-level sales manager/executive, offering electronic printing systems to leading A&E, Healthcare and Educational organizations. In brokering yachts, he most enjoys helping clients using breakthrough and investigative process to ascertain which vessel most readily useful suits their particular intended use, and exposing them to a supportive sailing neighborhood and cruising events.

“Watching customers realize their desire starting the Cruising Lifestyle is an extremely gratifying experience. We actually have five units of consumers who are out sailing the oceans worldwide on yachts that We assisted them finding or perhaps in designing and outfitting.” John is a member of this Cinder Creek Yacht Club, Johns Island, South Carolina.

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