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Popular Yachts / December 5, 2015

The Yacht Week is some immersive sailing encounters happening around the world. Our dynamic staff continues to grow and we require talented, enthusiastic individuals to assist us increase sustainably.


Event Enjoy management The Yacht Week is seeking an outstanding event organizer using the aspirations to deliver the world’s best on-water experiences for our… find out more


DJ Assistant Intern The Company The Yacht Week is a number of immersive cruising experiences occurring in 8 various destinations across the world. What… Find Out More

London London Event based

Media Management (Fixed Period) The Organization The Yacht Week is a few immersive sailing experiences happening in 8 various destinations around the… Read More

London Croatia

On-Site Commercial Intern Role We're interested in an On-site industrial Intern to assist manage our cabin booking funds and logistics in Croatia. As an integral… Read More

Croatia worldwide occasion based Event based

Photographer part Our company is always chasing after skilled photographers to recapture some awesome summer snaps. The Initial journey is an unpaid position, but trust us, … Find Out More