How Much Does A Superyacht Really Cost?

How much for a Yacht

Popular Yachts / October 15, 2020

You can find six locations where Yacht Week runs: Greece, Croatia, chicken, Italy, Thailand, therefore the Uk Virgin isles (BVI). As stated, each route works during a particular time of the year (though there is some overlap), typically summer time in European countries, cold weather in Thailand, and winter/spring in BVI.

Here's the thing though, regardless of the name, it's not just ONE ready few days. Actually, individuals routinely have six or seven days to pick from throughout the season for every single location. Come early july, you will find 13 days the Croatia path.

How much does it cost?

Once again, that is determined by the schedule, how many people are within team, and what sort of watercraft you charter. It may vary from about $600-$1, 000 people, not including meals, routes, or transfers from the closest airport on marina. The rate also does not feature gasoline or slot costs for the watercraft (which can vary from $25-$100 per night) or even the price of a skipper/hostess in case you not learn how to sail the damn thing and/or need make your very own sandwiches.