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A day-by-day Example Expedition to Antarctica

For a lot of, the seventh continent conjures up photos of personal endurance against all chances, as only the toughest of adventurers face a barrage of really inhospitable elements for opportunity to see something very, few have seen.

The newest partnership between Chapman Freeborn and EYOS Expeditions allows for very another type of reality, combining the comforts and luxuries of private environment and journey yacht charter to supply those who aren’t aspiring Polar explorers a really remarkable Antarctic knowledge.

We chose to supply an idea of everything you might expect on a typical journey. As the after is an illustration experience, it's been predicated on a genuine expedition performed by EYOS Expeditions towards the Antarctic area. Thanks to the Fox family the generous usage of their particular photographs from Antarctica.

Getting indeed there

You reach New York Teteboro Airport and relax with a drink as your baggage is recinded and packed onto your plane. You board your Gulfstream G550 and prepare for take-off.


As soon as in the air, remainder in complete peace and privacy when you look at the roomy reclining seats, relax on comfortable lounge sofas and luxuriate in one thing in the in-flight enjoyment system, or make use of the aircraft’s on board WiFi to keep up currently using the world. Meanwhile, savor a glass of champagne and some delicious food as you enjoy the flight.

Renew in aircraft’s luxurious bathroom since the pilot notifies you that you'll briefly be beginning your approach to Punta Arenas. You’ll get possiblity to consume the marvellous views associated with the remote wilderness surrounding the city while you create your lineage toward airport.

After a smooth landing, you may be gathered by a car or truck when you exit the aircraft and taken to obvious traditions and leave the airport. You’ll after that invest every night in Punta Arenas in order to sleep and prepare for a morning trip to your many remote continent on world.

Day 1

You return to the airport and board an especially prepared aircraft, and get ready for an unforgettable journey to Earth’s seventh continent.

After a 90 minute journey, you reach King George Island airfield and board your deluxe expedition vessel – If you’re not on the Hanse Explorer, you’ll engage in ENIGMA XK’s maiden period.

Enigma_XK_Exterior@2XHaving just already been completely re-fitted, the ENIGMA XK is pristine and luxuriously appointed, while having the tough capacity needed in an expedition boat. The Owner’s Suite, situated just ahead of the bridge, has actually spectacular 180-degree views. An expansive upper saloon features dramatic windows that framework the passing surroundings, and a little spa share is based immediately aft of a protected alfresco dining area.

After a tour of the incredible expedition vessel, you settle in and sleep when it comes to night in wonderfully cosy and comfortable bed room.

Day 2

You wake-up to your very first, possibly ever, morning in Antarctica! You’ll commence to understand the personality of the captain along with his ship while you explore a small harbour that's practically uncharted – with only one type of level readings made by a ship above 50 years back.

Your expectations happen to be changing as you inch closer to gigantic icebergs that make you're feeling positively small.

You’ll have the possiblity to board a Zodiac and get in close proximity toward surroundings and wildlife that surrounds you. Here, a party sit just metres away from a Leopard Seal resting on floating ocean ice inside harbour.


You’ll are able to inhale views usually set aside for explorers and researchers. You may find yourself concerning Captain James Clark Ross’ comments: ”We gazed with feelings of indescribable delight upon a scene of grandeur and magnificence far beyond anything we'd before seen or may have conceived.”

After lunch, you will be making a Zodiac landing and rise a snow slope, where you stand addressed with spectacular vistas.

Set base on seventh continent right along with the assistance of one's guide, explore the snowy landscape that encompasses the bay. You go back to the vessel for lunch, after which use nearly twenty-four hour hours of sunlight while you challenge out to explore a tabular iceberg given that sunshine reaches its least expensive point.

Time 3

You awaken in Paradise Bay to marvelous sunlight, and straight away value the thinking behind the name.

Your on-board naturalist expertly guides you as you get the chance to see and photograph incredible wildlife.

You will get verification that the team has gotten one of the coveted couple of invitations to visit Palmer Station, the usa clinical research center. As soon as you land, you're greeted because of the section supervisors, whom give you a tour and a synopsis for the work being done in the station.

The staff invite you to definitely supper, and you obtain the opportunity to hear remarkable tales of overwintering at South Pole Station.

Day 4

Antarctica-Experience-Day-2-Leopard-Seal Day-2-Image-6 Antarctica-Experience-Day-2-Tabular-Zodiac Antarctica-Experience-Day-3-Gentoo-and-yacht