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Popular Yachts / October 14, 2014

There's a beach aft.
This beach is a smooth transition from deck to water, taking the ocean to the guests with a sizable declined stem portion.

There's a garden.
a share is luxurious, but a yard around a pool is, really, better. This design has a 65-foot 6-inch share with a garden surrounding it keeping inside motif of taking nature onboard.

There is a big type of sight.
A grand hallway amidships floor-to-ceiling house windows to port and starboard, generating a type of picture that spans straight through the mega-yacht. In addition, the dining location is elevated with nearly 360-degree views in the boat's highest point.

There is solar powered energy.
The huge mega-yacht can go green and continue maintaining a "sluggish cruise" with sustainable energy supplied by 300 square meters of solar power panels. Nevertheless when there is a necessity for rate, there's diesel-electric propulsion.

Lastly, there's a helipad.