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Popular Yachts / January 11, 2017

The 161-foot GALLANT LADY, with an aluminum hull and composite superstructure, may be the definition of informal elegance. Long oval house windows produce a distinctive profile and remarkable interior functions. Exquisite control of proportion and line keeps equilibrium between your four porches. The unmistakeable sign of her design could be the inspired circulation throughout her areas and decks, additionally the good relationship of room. An entrance hair salon welcomes all with gracious informality; a single staircase transports visitors through the grandeur of this foyer towards closeness of this sunshine deck lounge. The yacht’s traffic movement is exclusive; two separate stair towers link three porches, as does the inner team stairs. Outdoors, discontinuous stairways link the surface spaces from stern to crow’s nest, moving traffic both fore-and-aft.

One of the most detailed and stunning interiors seen in yachts of comparable stature, GALLANT LADY received a prize at Showboats Overseas Award for ideal engine Yacht Indoor. This was a well-deserved honor, observed within the deep, satin-finished African mahogany utilized throughout her inside, which showcases joinery, inlays, and trademark three-dimensional panels. A lot of the stonework is granite, which adds beautiful shade and greater versatility.

GALLANT WOMAN provides the greatest in peaceful, vibration-free cruising. To allow for her owner’s request for close-in intracoastal cruising, she has only 6-foot, 10-inch draft and it is effective at extraordinary coastline accessibility for a yacht for this dimensions. To ensure the peacefulness associated with four suites, their flooring and wall space are suspended through the yacht’s architectural frame on special vibration-absorbing supports. Noise is more dampened through high-tech building strategies that use a sandwich of acoustic products. The padded-silk wall covers over the mahogany chair train would be the final strategic factor, taking in any last traces of background noise. The curved wall behind the stair line not merely seems gorgeous, but cutting-edge products underneath the silk furniture absorb noise that might otherwise travel between decks. She combines the best of brand new technology and conventional beauty, offering an unforgettable experience for all those fortunate to experience the aptly named GALLANT LADY.