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Popular Yachts / January 1, 2019

Manual wheelchairs tend to be a simple and lightweight transportation answer that are ideal in many circumstances. They're extremely maneuverable and incredibly easily transported.


Powerchairs offer the best maneuverability in small spaces due to their short wheel base.

Rollators and Knee Walkers

Rollators and walkers provide balance and security for folks who need support whenever walking.


Oxygen concentrators are ideal for cruise ships when sharing an area with other people since it is small and peaceful.

Health Gear

Scootaround preserves a big stock of visitor comfort products including side rails, Recliners, Hospital Beds alongside comparable needs.

Add-ons Rentals

If you need your knee or foot elevated, they're the most wonderful product for that function.

Cruise Companies

Scootaround provides solutions to all or any major cruise companies.

Cruise Ports

Scootaround’ vast community of places and affiliates let us service and offer most major Cruise harbors worldwide with high quality gear.