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Popular Yachts / December 2, 2021

Residence for some of the most appealing spots in the field, the Mediterranean remains a hotspot for deluxe boat charters and is a great summer time retreat. The infusion of modern-day places, glamorous coastlines and intoxicating atmospheres produce an itinerary that both encourages the mind and soothes the sensory faculties.

The truly enchanting Western Mediterranean hosts enticing spots particularly France, Italy, Spain and Malta, including the glittering French Riviera and the legendary Amalfi Coast in a mixture of hedonism. At every turn there are spectacular architecture, world-class food and radiant street cafés, offset by exquisite beaches and lush landscapes enriched by an unhurried pace of life for pure escapism.

The East Mediterranean provides a melting cooking pot of cultural experiences and captivating landscapes having its special locations rapidly becoming a hotspot for luxury yacht charters. Laced with mystique and unrivalled beauty amongst unspoilt coastlines and exclusive hotels, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey and Greece offer many incomparable experiences. From locations steeped in myth, legend and old damages to exotic haven countries with durable mountainous landscapes, this is the perfect destination to indulge.