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Rentals a boat for a week

Popular Yachts / September 17, 2018

It is no secret that simplest way to experience the area’s beauty is by watercraft. So, grab your kids, friends and pack a picnic and lease a boat from Cannons. For types of water sport, Cannons has the most recent fleet of leasing ships additionally the handiest program in your community. Center consoles, deck ships and runabouts are available because of the 1/2 time, full time, week or month. Phone 941-383-1311 to book.

Rental Boat Alternatives

  • Leasing a boat is straightforward – You’ll not be expected to pay large costs or make a long-term commitment as with many watercraft clubs.
  • We lease for 1/2 times, full-days or multiple times and offer discounts for successive complete time rentals.
  • Lease for consecutive full times and pay the first full day price, and spend the half-day price per subsequent complete day rental.
  • Rent for 1 week and just purchase 5. which TWO no-cost times regarding the liquid. You have got annually to use your days. Call for details.
  • Call to reserve your vessel: 941-383-1311.