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Rentals a boat Lake Norman NC

Popular Yachts / August 6, 2020

Aquaventure Watercraft Rentals will be your most useful origin for leasing paddle activities equipment on Lake Norman. We provide solitary and tandem kayaks as well as paddle panels at most affordable prices on Lake Norman. Make sure you enquire about our paddle pass that allows all period long fun and us adventure plans for highly reduced rates.


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– seating 1 to 2 folks
– Open cockpit design won’t fill with liquid if turned over
– flexible right back assistance
– Integrated glass owner
– tie-down bungies
– Lightweight
– reduced family plans readily available

Solitary Individual
Half-day Comprehensive Time Comprehensive Sunday Full Week
$25 $35 $65 $105
$40 $60 $175

Paddle Boards

Enter regarding the most recent water-based activities craze! Paddle Boarding is a wonderful option to take pleasure in the liquid and get a terrific workout while you’re at it! Our 12′ Paddle Boards are really stable and supply a great platform for quick trips, cross country touring, and on occasion even on-water pilates! Optimum weight rating is 300 lbs.

Not used to Paddle Boarding?

Schedule a basic training for 1 on 1 training or group lessons. All equipment is included. 2 hour lessons tend to be $79 for a person or $39 per person for teams 3 or maybe more (up to 6.)

$39 $59