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Sailing boat Hire

Popular Yachts / February 13, 2016

The watersports and sailing centres in this region provide various outings and lessons to the public. You can employ a windsurf, kayak or catamaran and build your solo abilities amongst the little countries of Morlaix Bay.

In the event the self-confidence is not around scratch, the professional teams at each and every centre will soon show you the ropes - or oars or sails!

Carantec Nautisme

Carantec Nautisme
Base nautique Plage du Kelenn
BP 17
29660 Carantec

Information :

In heart of Morlaix Bay, this watersports center relies close to Kelenn coastline in Carantec. A wonderful environment from where to sail between Île Louet, Île Callot additionally the famous Château du Taureau.
Carantec Nautisme specialises in light cruising and diving. Attempt our underwater sessions and find out the extraordinary underwater landscapes of Morlaix Bay. At first glance, you can expect programs or hire alternatives for dinghies, catamarans, windsurfs, water kayaks, stand-up paddle boards or stand-up steppers, trimarans, pedalos and sailboats. You may also pick a personalised, accompanied program. You’ll be sailing with high quality equipment in a comfy setting that'll mean you are able to actually use your time really on the water. Get the most from sailing and scuba diving around.

Latitude :
Longitude : -3.9093089

École de Voile - Locquirec

École de Voile de Locquirec
Route de Plestin
BP 6
29241 Locquirec

The magnificent Locquirec Bay offers a completely safe stretch of liquid by which to understand cruising. We will share their particular experience and knowledge and will be in a position to assist you to find the joys of boardsports or undoubtedly the technical aspects of regattas. Optimist ships, windsurfs, catamarans and sailing dinghies tend to be adapted to match each age and each person. The very younger, from 4 years of age, will enjoy their very first taste associated with ocean and cruising because of our themed ‘Moussaillons’ classes.

Latitude :
Longitude : -3.6530399

Société des Régates de Térénez in Plougasnou

Société des Régates de Térénez - Ecole de voile Française
Port de Térénez
39 path de Térenez
29630 Plougasnou

If at all possible located in Morlaix Bay, this Sailing class is open all year round. Available are various activities, from first-try sessions to perfecting your cruising strategies.
We assist pleasure boats, rushing ships and in addition school teams, all based on nationwide recommendations to help you trust the tuition you get.
Our vessels include single-person sailboats, dinghies for just one or two people, catamarans, windsurfs, kayaks and security ships.

We also provide all of the necessary security equipment needed for all activities.

Latitude :
Longitude : -3.8514375

Rêves de Mer in Saint-Pol-de-Léon

Rêves de Mer - Centre de Glisse de Santec - Spot Nautique
Plage du Dossen
585 rue Theven Bras
29250 Santec

Dossen beach stretches for more than 2km, making it an ideal area for boardsports. It’s an excellent chance to decide to try your hand at kitesurfing (or sand-yachting) whether only or perhaps in a two-seater! Allow yourself get carried along by the wind and collect the speed, running your kitesurf all along the beach. For water-babies among you, you may get out on the azure oceans with a giant stand-up paddle-board – certain to have the adrenaline going!
Santec’s boardsports center also provides kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding, body-boarding, browsing and more, including programs, lessons and gear hire.