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SeaDream Inc. reviews

Popular Yachts / February 21, 2017

Overall effect Our week long escape toward Caribbean aboard the SeaDream I became wonderful. We liked the tiny vessel’s accent on adults, intimate and casual ambiance, friendly and mindful solution and gourmet choices. Sailing with SeaDream I became like a voyage aboard a friend’s big yacht or as part of a social club.

With 54 guests, mostly couples, the ship ended up being blessedly only half full, permitting us additional space to spread out. On top of that, some western nationalities were represented, making for a varied group of people. Practically 50 % of the passengers had sailed with SeaDream before many of these scheduled future trips before disembarking. Hitting up a discussion with other people ended up being typical and frequently partners could be seen sharing tables at meal times with newly fulfilled couples or groups.

Provider had been outstanding. For example, a lot of the staff greeted us by name plus some of them remembered drink choices from one dinner to some other. The pace had been ours to create. We're able to unwind with a novel in a sundeck seat or stateroom, dine in or at the living area, or perhaps tempted by some onboard tasks and coast trips. We liked that many of that time whenever we attained an island ours had been really the only ship or among few. This suggested islands, occasionally tiny, we went to were uncrowded and a pleasure to explore.

Usually we seemed toward meal times. Executive cook Gilles de Cambourg, a passionate and affable Frenchman, along with his staff constantly had copious degrees of tempting and diverse newly made a la carte dishes being offered and also the machines inside living area strived assuring we enjoyed them.

We stay followers associated with the SeaDream style (we enjoyed a voyage aboard the SeaDream II in past times). For a relaxed, sedate Caribbean voyage the mixture of luxury features and size of the SeaDream I, especially the personal environment, few guests, premium fare, solution direction with high staff to visitor ratio, and meal and beverage comprehensive package, ended up being outstanding.

In regards to the Crew The Danish born master regarding the ship had discovered their love of the sea during the young age of 16. Later on he went to the Maritime class in Fredrikstad, Norway. These days the semi-retired captain made their home in The united kingdomt with Suzanne, his companion of 23 years. Their daughter Anita ended up being a school instructor in Norway along with his child Thomas, nevertheless in college, lived using household in England. Whenever ashore on leave Smorawski liked to restore classic furniture.

We initially met the master of the ship, as we were exploring the vessel. We spotted the back of a guy into the white consistent of this senior staff and then followed him within the steps. When he became conscious of our existence he offered assistance; we replied we had been simply following him since he seemed to understand in which he had been going. He graciously shared some tips concerning the ship and we also each continued within our own way. Any other encounter with him, whether we went into him fetching his breakfast or at Captain’s dining table, had been pleasant. As he felt a guy of few words he was polite and warm inside the demeanor and we liked their company.

On a number of events we'd a chance to talk to Chef Cambourg who had been inviting and friendly.

Built and remodelling The ship had been integrated 1984 because the Cunard sea-goddess 1. In 2001, it joined into solution, after an entire refit, as SeaDream I with a Bahamian registry. The most up-to-date remodelling took place in 2011 whenever a soft refurnishing of interiors, flooring, upholstery, and wallpaper also behind the scenes products including technical revisions occurred.