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Do I need a visa to go to Alaska?
As US state, people in america only need a legitimate photo ID. If you should be likely to travel from Europe, Britain, Canada, or Australian Continent, then there's maybe not a visa necessity, however you must have your passport. If you are taking a trip from an alternate part of the globe, you really need to check out the vacation requirements along with your country's state dept..

Is tipping customary in Alaska?
Since Alaska is an US state, tipping is recognized as customary in service business (love restaurants), but if you point and exactly how much is definitely an individual choice. It is strongly recommended that you do leave a gratuity for the ship, captain, and guide if you're on a cruise.

What is the net accessibility like in Alaska?
In significant slot cities, it will be easy to get strong, fast internet access and find available WiFi hotspots. However, many vessels don't have net accessibility and our expeditions explore the national parks together with more remote wildernesses that characterize outstanding most Alaska, so you might go with a number of days and sometimes even most of your journey without net accessibility.

Can I use my mobile phone while in Alaska?
Contrary to public opinion, Alaska's cell coverage is enhancing notably lately. Significant United States providers from continental states like Verizon and AT&T tend to be getting surface and establishing strong cell and 3G networks. Needless to say, when you look at the back country, where many of your trips are based, you will come across huge mountains and extends of vast backwoods for which you will not have an indication.

Do I need an electric adapter/ converter?
Alaska has got the exact same sockets while the remainder of North America - three-prong grounded 110V outlets. For those who have products being 220-240V or that are not appropriate for united states plugs, you will need an adapter and/or converter this is certainly kind B.

Can I drink water in Alaska?
The regular water in Alaska is recognized as potable and safe to take in. On cruises, verify with your Adventure Life agent.

What is the most frequent way of investing in things in Alaska?
Alaska uses the usa Dollar and paying with credit cards is quite generally accepted. It is possible that some smaller stores and organizations just accept money, so you should involve some available just in case.

Should I purchase travel cover for my journey?
We advice you have a look at our Once You're Booked page for more information on buying travel cover - it's always great understand which you have it in the event.

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