20 Best Italy Cruises for 2017. Luxury Small Ship Mediterranean

Small ship Mediterranean Cruises

Popular Yachts / September 1, 2017

Imagine basking inside Mediterranean sunshine in the center of October, an energizing beverage in one hand, plus the memory of the great high cliffs of Santorini, rising from a great crescent caldera, fresh in your thoughts. A smile flutters across your lips while you remember the fascinating ideas shared the afternoon before because of the ship’s guest presenter inside the highly entertaining talk about ancient civilisations. Perchance you will minimize by the well-stocked on-board collection later to learn more about the next end, strikingly gorgeous Palermo.

You hardly spot the attentive team user slide away, but for some reason your cup is magically refilled. What is delightfully obvious is the blissful lack of imposing ocean liners in these small, picturesque ports. It still amazes you how the initial Aegean Odyssey manoeuvres ever so gracefully between vast oceans and serene rivers, providing unique front-row use of stunning views for the region’s most exciting locations.

The classically elegant Aegean Odyssey is specifically adapted for area and coastal cruising, to go to smaller, less crowded harbours, sail closer to the spectacular coastlines of Greece, Italy and Spain, navigate the idyllic islands of Sicily and Malta, as well as sail upriver in to the heart of Seville. Presented with our partners at Voyages to Antiquity, these small-ship cruises particularly appeal to those with a desire for delving deeper into a destination’s past – the Aegean Odyssey goes on an amazing journey to the historic, social and imaginative heart of European countries. There are informative talks agreeable by guest speakers who're experts in their particular industry, carefully chosen because of their capacity to provide life their particular plumped for topic. As always, you'll have the services of a professional Riviera Travel trip manager throughout the whole journey, aimed at making your cruise the greatest it can be.

All voyages have-been meticulously in the offing, with night and instantly stays in port, providing you the opportunity to enjoy an after-dinner stroll ashore. For 2017, we go south for autumn sunshine to the Mediterranean, in which you have actually a range of two eye-opening itineraries – intriguing Ancient Greece and Sicily, or captivating Andalucía and the Spanish coast. Combine this with this dedication to offering customers outstanding value and impeccable solution, and also the result is one we realize you may value.

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