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Yacht Brokerage

Popular Yachts / November 7, 2014

Ouachita Yacht Brokerage and Sales is located 25 miles west of Hot Springs, Arkansas on beautiful Lake Ouachita. We are the exclusive boat brokerage on Lake Ouachita and also serve the Diamond Lakes area. We offer houseboats, powerboats, personal watercraft and boat lifts from all the marinas on the lake. We know the boats and the owners. We will work hard to find just the right boat for you. We offer a wide range of services; including, Marine Surveys for your insurance requirements.

Where To Find Us

Ouachita Yacht Brokerage's workplace is located at hill Harbor Resort & salon. Our company is positioned 25 kilometers west of Hot Springs, AR on stunning wilderness Lake Ouachita.

Directions by-water on Lake Ouachita

Mountain Harbor Resort is based western of Point 15 on Lake Ouachita. Can be found in to check out us at Marina Store and fueling dock to find out more.

Instructions from Hot Springs, AR

Mountain Harbor Resort is based 25 miles west of Hot Springs, AR at Mountain Harbor Resort on Lake Ouachita. Simply take Hwy 270 West toward Mount Ida watching the hill Harbor indication within Valero facility just inside township of Joplin. Change right on sign onto hill Harbor path and travel about 2 kilometers.

Source: www.mountainharborresort.com