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Popular Yachts / November 7, 2019

IYC features established that Super Yachts London, the London-based boutique boat brokerage and design business established in 2013, has already been consumed into the IYC brand name. Super Yachts London’s president, Jimmy Broddesson, will remain on at IYC as a managing partner, two people in their staff, Mads Damgaard and Fabian Olsson, is likewise joining him at IYC. speaks with Michel Chryssicopolous, a partner at IYC, concerning the [non-hostile] acquisition and just what Jimmy Broddesson enhances the team.

“i'dn’t call-it an acquisition, ” starts Chryssicopolous, although an acquisition its. “Despite his age Jimmy has been doing a for many years, and then he has actually a rather effective history with quite a number of brand new builds currently under their buckle.”

After months of conversation between IYC and Broddesson it absolutely was determined that Broddessen along with his group would join IYC to check and subscribe to its development.

Jimmy Broddesson - IYC managing partner

“Jimmy is extremely energetic, ” endorses Chryssicopolous. “He cannot end where most brokers do, he produces his or her own designs which have now already been incorporated into IYC and our strategy.”

Broddesson’s designs vary in dimensions from 35-80m and this new portfolio will underpin IYC’s need to increase its presence within brand-new establish procedures. “We want to match some of those design as central agencies with some shipyards, the remainder we're going to hold under wraps, it will be a mixed method” describes Chryssicopolous. “These styles would be a lovely method to ignite conversation with a potential customer.”

As handling partner at IYC, Broddesson would be responsible for yacht brokerage and business development. Broddesson will focus in your community of new boat design and new yacht construction, doing work in combination with respected European shipyards.