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Popular Yachts / March 26, 2018

riley-reading “Money, Money, cash” indicate another type of track although one i favor pinging around when you look at the far achieves of personal consciousness whilst scanning this may be the Pink Floyd one.

The crassness of discussing your fiscal circumstance in a general public discussion board have not escaped mcdougal, nonetheless a lot of people have asked us on our YouTube, Facebook, Patreon, and e-mail how we are able to sail it seems the polite action to take here is always to reply, albeit en masse.

The Way I Been Able To Afford La Vagabonde

No, we don’t have rich parents who purchased a motorboat for me to sail internationally in. For eight lengthy years, I worked overseas on oil rigs plus the mines of Western Australia, conserving every dollar possible to pay for a halfway-decent Yacht.

Yachts are less costly to get in Europe compared to Australian Continent. The example I often utilize is if a Yacht may be worth $1 in Europe or the Caribbean it is likely worth $2 in Australian Continent and about $1.50/1.60 in Thailand. They are the places we considered purchasing (additionally typically the most popular) once I first got the ship, which explains why I have included all of them right here. It’s what I gathered by very early 2013 before purchasing the vessel.

I purchased “Puer Apuliae” today called La Vagabonde), a 2007 Beneteau Cyclades with 1400 hours from the motor from three arguing Italian businessmen.

They told me they are able ton’t get adequate company for it to charter because of the financial crisis. The engine hours agreed with this account and some residents whom I came across concurred additionally thus I decided to get pending Yacht study.

The Particular Price

Nothing showed up regarding review therefore showed up I experienced acquired the soon to be known as La Vagabonde for around AUD $100, 000 … some a take.

Throw-in routes and the yacht survey therefore ended up being another $5, 000.


A number of the improvements that We have built to La Vagabonde which will make life first bearable after that comfortable have actually centered around getting ultimately more power onboard.

  • 2x Soliban Versatile Solar Energy Panels inc. install 3, 463 Euro (sic)
  • 4x Trojan Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries 1, 400 AUD
  • 1x Air Breeze Wind Generator not inc install 1, 920 Euro
  • 1x Yamaha 2KW Generator 1, 700 AUD
  • 1x ‘Smart’ Alternator Regulator 80 GBP (it was inexpensive and awesome)