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Popular Yachts / May 6, 2015

Yacht type: Jeanneau 53

Message from Booker:
August 5th-12th it's going down in Greece on our Premium boat. Join the Crew!

Yacht Week, Athens Greece 2017

Come join our crew once we sail around Athens, Greece partying in the water with 25+ various other Yachts for 8 days 7 evenings!

It is Yacht Week baby! Move away from your scientific studies, offices, cubicles & children (Trump 2)
Greece Right Here We Come!

We have been selecting 2 to 4 cool people to round down our staff for this amazing adventure!

So far our staff is composed of 5 women and 1 man from 30-40 years of age from NJ/NY.

Our Yacht comes with a private skipper who'll navigate united states through the breathtaking clear oceans of Greece staying in touch & parking form various other 25+ yachts so that it all can become one huge party, every night, each day!

(That's why it's called Yacht Week!)

If you do not know, now you understand, baby baby!

Yacht has also an exclusive Hostess who'll make certain our rooms are clean, our boat remains fresh & our stomachs stay full.

& our job, the crew, is make sure the yacht stay swallowing!

To date the Crew contains SIX hardworking experts from accounting firms, to social employees who're trying to escape our jobs & The united states & have actually a wonderful time.

Many of us are well traveled From Asia, to Canada but this is every person's first boat few days!

We are seeking to add 2-4 more ppl to our boat whom likes to enjoy, is cool, down-to-earth, and able to celebration...