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Popular Yachts / August 20, 2018


Moderate winds and climate are predominant in our cruising grounds and, as a whole, the weather is very predictable. Wind patterns from mid-April through mid-December are typically southeast to east 10-15 knots. During the summer months, the usually lighter winds are overridden by a westerly afternoon sea breeze at 5-10 for a great afternoon or sunset sail.

Through the continuing to be months, prevailing winds remain southeast and east. When an occasional front moves through, the associated northerly winds kick the winds around 20 knots for each day but seldom more than two days. The moderate cut when you look at the harbor and Gulf wave levels flatten quickly for folks who want a full sail program. The ICW provides an inside passageway to mitigate the effect of heading to your south or north locations.

The tidal range is light at about 1.5 feet. You will experience tidal currents within the harbor and passages at relevant tidal times. They may not be difficult but will affect SOG and program.

Eventually, the cruising seas that are absent of commercial traffic, are particularly well-marked with navigation helps, and bottom conditions include sand and layer, thus providing good anchorage and forgiving.

Source: www.yachtingvacations.com