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BVI Motor Yacht Charters

Yacht Charter / April 2, 2018

Our high-end, luxury yachts tend to be well suited for the discerning buyer, providing greater and a top level of service aboard.

The reason why Choose An Engine Yacht

  • Luxurious accommodations: These high-end motor yachts provide the finest and most luxurious on-board comforts, wonderful amenities plus large hotels because of their guests.
  • Better transportation: These luxury motor yachts offer their particular guests greater flexibility while they make their particular way through area chain.
  • Increased crew users: High-end alternatives inside this group offer guests with a heightened few crew, each with a particular customer-service role aboard the yacht.
luxury engine boat charters

Exactly What Do Motor Yacht Charters Cost?

Nearly all our deluxe engine boat charters start around $30, 000, plus all costs. These high-end charters range from the yacht only, along with other charter expenses (such fuel, food, drink, club, dockage, etc.) at one more price into Charterer. These costs tend to be paid via an upfront APA (advance provisioning allowance) along with the rate for boat. Plus expenditures motor yachts typically have a 35percent APA.

If you have concerns or are quite ready to book your charter, give us a call inside our Southern Florida company at 954-980-9281, Toll Free at 888-670-6884, or finish our Quick Request Form.