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Yacht Charter / April 11, 2014

  • Plenty to complete and view: with more than 40 countries, islets and cays, guests will enjoy brand-new countries each day, each making use of their own personality and appeal.
  • Very first timer and family members friendly: BVI charters are ideal for newcomers or a family group charter due to their protected waters, simple sailing, plus selection of excellent anchorages.
  • Abundance of boat alternatives: The BVI offers the most yacht options of any location. Choose from our extensive lists of catamarans, monohull sailboats, or luxury engine yachts.
  • Luxury and worth: Most of our BVI yacht charters tend to be including meals, beverages, plus standard club. Find out about the chartering knowledge and luxuries aboard.

How much does a BVI charter expense?

The majority of our charters are all comprehensive, starting at around $12, 500 per week or more to $50, 000 each week. Our various other sounding luxury charters start around $30, 000, plus all costs. Learn more about our crewed yacht charter expenses.