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Yacht Charter / August 13, 2018

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Island Adventure Miami

Love an unforgettable adventure at our area location on our day cruise from Miami, tailored for visitors 18 and older, on board our motor catamaran harmony.

Sunset Cruise Miami

Cast Away the Day Sunset Cruise is a great way to end a single day, cruising from the Caribbean Spirit. This sunset evening cruise requires sunshine outfits, flowered tops, shoes, and cool refreshments.

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Miami Sunset roamntic sunset experience onboard

Reef Sail

a memorable Reef Snorkeling Fort Lauderdale adventure begins with a trip through Millionaires Row regarding the Intracoastal Waterway to Port Everglades Cruise Ship slot and we set off on breathtaking Ft Lauderdale ocean oceans.

snorkeling fort lauderdale group in liquid activitySail & Splash

Come sail and play in Fort Lauderdale’s “Aquatic Playground” on this unforgettable adventure aboard our cutting-edge catamaran the Spirit of Lauderdale, relax, relax and revel in one of the better Ft Lauderdale watercraft cruises.

Island Gateway

Sunset Cruise

A great way to end a single day soothing from the sea ingesting the spectacular views with Fort Lauderdale Charters Sunset Cruise. Tonite cruise demands sunlight dresses, flowered tops, shoes and cool refreshments.

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