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Yacht Charter / November 5, 2015

Nicholson Yacht Charters - Julie Pyle NicholsonNicholson Yacht Charters may be the Oldest Established Yacht Charter business worldwide – and We’re Nonetheless very first!

The storyline of Nicholson Yacht Charters is mostly about being when you look at the right destination within correct time. It-all started whenever Commander V.E.B. Nicholson, O.B.E. remaining England in 1949 together with spouse, Emmy, and two sons, Desmond and Rodney on the 70′ classic schooner, Mollihawk and found Julie Pyle, who had simply sailed around the globe regarding the 93′ Brigantine, Yankee. Julie married Rodney and decided in Antigua and opened up Nicholson Yacht Charters, which during the time had unique fleet and retailed charters to friends staying in the Mill Reef Club. Pan American delivered Nicholson Yacht Charters leaflets traveling agents in the usa. Those travel agents became agents, whom retailed Nicholson’s charters to their clients, additionally the Nicholson ‘clearing household’ was created. Because those representatives necessary to check yachts for charter, the annual Nicholson Charter Yacht Show was begun. Sylvia Weston arrived aboard in 1963. These four, today supported by a small but good fleet of classic yachts, made it feasible for companies like Camper & Nicholson and Northrop and Johnson, architects and brokerage companies, to open up up yacht charter departments, considering that the Nicholson family was in the Caribbean to streamline functions. The business shortly grew, and a market came to be.

These days, Nicholson Yacht Charters continues to be a household business with workplaces in Maine and Massachusetts and takes pleasure in providing the most satisfying and luxurious yachting knowledge feasible to friends. No other charter organization understands the art as well as the cruising grounds also Nicholson Yacht Charter’s caring, experienced staff. We select only the many skilled and congenial teams and help you decide on the yacht that's precisely best for your needs along with your group. We help you plan everything of the charter holiday.

who owns Nicholson Yacht ChartersThe intent behind the charter broker is add price; to deliver specialist, reliable guidance and information; to provide “fun.” And also the enjoyable starts the minute you give us a call!

Workforce Bios

Julie Pyle Nicholson

Julie Pyle Nicholson graduated from Emma Willard School and Smith university. She then sailed throughout the world regarding the 96’ Brigantine Yankee with Irving and Exy Johnson in 1954. Julie met and married Rodney Nicholson in Antigua in 1954 and it has worked to promote V.E.B. Nicholson & Sons (Antigua) Ltd DBA Nicholson Yacht Charters since 1954. Julie established Nicholson Yacht Charters together with her business lover, Sylvia Weston, at her part, promoting the company towards public, travel agents and charter agents for over 50 many years. Julie pioneered the Nicholson Charter Yacht Show (today called Antigua Yacht Meeting). She in addition created Nicholson’s clearing residence (now retailing to your general public under the same but not related name.) In 1973 Julie opened the Nicholson Yacht Charters company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which has today broadened to an additional workplace in Maine. Prior to that, she and Sylvia worked together in St. Johns, Antigua, and these two worked together, arranging charters for a number of years.

Sylvia Weston

Born in Antigua, Sylvia Weston began her yachting job at Nicholson Yacht Charters in 1963 and is distinguished and respected on the market. She had been informed at Princess Margaret class in Antigua and graduated from Harvard Extension School. Sylvia loves yachting, and had been baptized into the company by the woman very first remarkable sailing experience. Sylvia generally seems to know the importance of crew whenever placing consumers on the boat that's precisely suitable for all of them. Once you understand her ships, the team while the cruising grounds, she moves extensively to look at the yachts and sample the cruising areas. She has an unique knack for placing guests with all the correct yacht and team and offers superb service, attends to details and has now a wonderfully private touch. The woman preferred outcome will be ensure that visitors have a leisurely, fun, calm and enjoyable time on their boat cruise holiday.

Shelby Nicholson

Shelby Nicholson came to be in Antigua in 1959 and was informed at boarding schools in Connecticut through the seventies. She graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall in 1978 and later from Harvard Extension School in 1999. She enjoys music, traveling, cruising, is a specialist windsurfer, and contains cooked on charter yachts into the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Virgin Islands. Shelby features sailed many seas like the Panama Canal, Tahiti and Turkey. She started working for Nicholson Yacht Charters in 1979. Shelby knows the Caribbean well and loves the western Indian tradition and is also a big lover associated with Mediterranean Sea and South Pacific.

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