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Yacht Charter / September 7, 2016

Davey’s Locker has provided private fishing boat charters to Southern Ca for more than 30 years. With a number of ships to pick from and multiple travel lengths, Davey’s Locker has the largest choice of charter fishing boats for sale from Dana indicate longer Beach. All ships function full indoor kitchens with a sizable variety of drinks and food products. Each motorboat has got the most recent in fish monitoring methods while the power to carry lots and lots of bait fish. Experienced captains and crews make Davey’s Locker the top fishing charter boat rental in Southern California. A total on-site tackle shop provides everything from rod rental/purchase to any or all kinds of tackle including a number of the most recent saltwater lures on the market, sunscreen, fishing permits, and all types of attire.

Visit ships below to see local rental prices:

Western Pride

80ft. 99 Traveler Max. Fishing regional seaside places from Dana point out extended seashore, and Catalina Island. Spacious and comfortable air-conditioned galley/snack bar with sitting for 30. Ideal for large groups and company outings.

Times 1/2 Time 3/4 Time Twilight Extended 3/4 Day
Mon – Thu $1640 $3765 $1230 $4065
Friday $1840 $3865 $1530
Saturday $2640 $4865 $5265
Sunday $2440 $4465


80ft. 90 Passenger Max. Fishing regional seaside areas from Dana Point to extended seashore, Catalina Island and off-shore. Spacious and comfortable galley/snack club with sitting for 30. Well suited for big teams and organization trips.

$1500 $4800
$4265 $5500


65ft, 30 bunks plus crew for instantly and multiday trips, 60 information bait container capacity, fishing neighborhood coastal places from Dana point out longer seashore, and Catalina Island on neighborhood trips. Fishes San Clemente Island, Outer Banks, and Offshore on overnight and multiday trips.



65ft. 48 Passengers Max. on local trips. Sleeps 22 guests (includes some two fold bunks) for over night and multiday trips. Fishing regional coastal places from Dana Point to longer seashore, and Catalina Island on local trips. Fishes San Clemente Island, Outer Banks, and Off-shore on instantly and multidays.

3/4 DAY
ONE DAY 1.5 time 2 DAY
$1490 $2580 $2980 $3270 $4970 $5990
$1790 $2780 $3180 $3570 $5270 $6490
$2090 $3280 $3680 $4070 $5670 $6890
$1990 $3080 $3480 $3770 $5470


Rod Leasing Traditional Tackle Pack Rockfish Tackle Pack Time Permit Annual License
$13.00 $9.50 $20.00 $15.12 $52.15