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Yacht Charter / April 1, 2017

About Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s biggest archipelago, straddling the equator with more than 17, 000 countries and 80, 000 km of shoreline to explore. A number of the islands are remote and uninhabited while having an amazing number of volcanic scenery, marine life, radiant countries, and sailing & scuba diving adventures to-be experienced.

From a sailing point of view, this area is extremely under-developed when compared to well-known destinations in Asia and across the world. However, the yachts that do function within these seas are often luxurious and well equipped, and may offer an incomparable array of experiences – through the nightlife of Bali, to your fauna of 2 continents, amazing volcanic surroundings, and also the most diverse marine life anywhere on earth offering really world-class scuba diving.

Very few sailing experiences can compare with the culture, record and views that Indonesia has to offer, so why maybe not come and become one of the few to properly explore the magical waters and charter one of our spectacular luxury charer yachts! Have actually a read of our blog for lots more comprehensive information...

Chartering Destinations in Indonesia

Komodo and Raja Ampat will be the 2 big "destinations" for cruising, however with 17, 000 various other island destinations interspersed in flourishing red coral reefs, a charterer could spend an eternity finding Indonesia. Here are a number of the features of Indonesia offering the most perfect location to charter our luxury yachts.

Flores and Komodo Nationwide Park

The area all over Komodo National Park, just to the west associated with larger area of Flores, should be perhaps one of the most bio-diverse on the planet, both on land and underwater. The nationwide playground includes the lightly inhabited area of Komodo, plus several other smaller countries.

On land, the playground had been created in 1980 to guard the Komodo dragon (population over 5000!), and expanded over time to safeguard other species and fauna. In 1991, it absolutely was named a UNESCO World history website also it today addresses over 1800 square kilometres of land and sea.

The Banda Islands and Raja Ampat

Mind northeast from Flores to the Banda Sea for some certainly virgin cruising and diving. Listed here are a tiny band of countries in the middle of nowhere, and its remoteness features left a captivating, healthy reef system with huge amounts and selection of big and small seafood species, and many ocean fans, sponges and difficult corals - and watch down for whales!

On land, the hawaiian islands include volcanic mountains covered in tropical rainforest. If you're feeling lively, a number of the hills may be climbed, providing some spectacular views regarding the deep blue oceans below.

Last but not least additional northeast towards the Raja Ampat Islands, only off the coast of West Papua. This part of ocean gets the highest marine diversity in the world, with underwater topography to take your breathing away. This can be real frontier cruising and diving, since therefore couple of yachts visit the location - so why perhaps not get caught in and explore this spectacular section of the world on one of our luxury charter yachts!

Bali and Lombok

Bali is by far the most famous tourist destination in the united kingdom, due to the volcanoes, shores and surfing, in addition areas of Kuta and Legian, across the capital Denpasar, have a well-developed traveler infrastructure.

Men and women might fly into Jakarta or Bali, however just take another domestic flight to Komodo or Raja Ampat as a result of the much better array of yachts. The rugged coastlines and volcanic inside of island offer a picturesque background for your travel if Bali is where you determine to be, along with some superb local diving web sites to explore as well. Bali can be among planet's top browsing destinations.

Cruising east from Bali, and into the Lombok Straits, you go the imaginary 'Wallace Line', in which the natural habitat modifications from that subtropical Asia to this of Australasia.

Climate and Sailing Seasons

Sitting from the equator, there is absolutely no hot and cool season - it's warm and exotic throughout the year, with conditions varying between 27 to 32°C. The big adjustable when you look at the tropics is rain, which could differ loads at different times of year.

Very generally speaking, the nice cruising climate months ie reduced typical rain tend to be May to October – Komodo, Bali, Lombok, and October to April – Raja Ampat. Typhoons and large scale storms pose small danger to mariners in Indonesia seas. However, becoming positioned between your Indian and Pacific Oceans, huge swells can form, therefore little charter yachts are quite few – this is the land associated with the big Phinisi!

That is where almost all of the charter yachts will be based almost all of the 12 months ie after the good weather condition. Which means yachts can undoubtedly offer throughout every season sailing charters due to the contrary months in various areas.

Winds tend to be moderate and generally predictable, with monsoons typically blowing in from south and east in Summer through September and through the northwest in December through March. Typhoons and large scale storms pose small risk to mariners in Indonesia oceans.

Addressing Indonesia

The negative and positive in regards to the amazing cruising waters of Indonesia is its remoteness. Komodo and Raja Ampat are not simple to get to, therefore you aren't prone to see another charter yacht throughout your cruise.