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Yacht Charter Miami to Bahamas

Yacht Charter / April 8, 2014

Once you charter a yacht to your Bahamas could enjoy taking a trip across the 700 islands and cays that make up the Bahamas. The six and a half time travel time from Miami and South seashore may be invested however you favor – soothing with your friends, sampling meals from an exclusive chef, or just enjoying the views of this Atlantic Ocean. Feel the exotic blue seas and sandy shores of Nassau & Exumas by visiting Paradise Island, Sampson Cay, Compass Cay, Staniel Cay and Highbore Cay. The turquoise waters surrounding these islands offer spectacular quality, such that a dropped money are noticeable in the sandy sea floor through the deck of yacht. For entertainment, just take a stop during the Atlantis Resort, where adventure lovers of all of the centuries can get their particular delights by discovering the infamous roller coaster-styled water slides – they are moments you can expect to keep in mind for the rest of your daily life. Later in the day, the Atlantis Resort offers many different good dinner restaurants, dance clubs and gambling enterprises, or we are able to additionally prepare a personal dinner experience at sea. Another popular destination is the Thunderball cave-in Exumas. This awe-inspiring cave, positioned just west of Staniel Cay within the Exumas sequence, has been featured in lot of films and it is known for its spectacular views of various ocean creatures. Our VIP boat charter group will need one to among five entrances for this cave, that may after that be investigated via scuba or by snorkeling. Whether you decide to charter a yacht with pals or household, there is always a endless amount of experiences for group on our yacht rentals into the Bahamas . This trip is recommended for at least one week.