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Popular Yachts / October 7, 2021

Standing right out of the crowd

Johnson Yachts Company Limited ended up being established in 1987 with a vision to create high-quality and deluxe motor yachts. Throughout these many years, Johnson Yachts is well known because of its modern and distinctive designs; the designed by among world’s leading naval architects, Bill Dixon of Dixon Yacht Design.

Definitely a design led organization; the blend of Dixon Yacht Design's styling and naval architecture, plus high quality workmanship from johnson has made the organization the success it is these days.
One of the first companies in Far East to employ a European fashion designer, this effective cooperation between European design and asia build quality features trigger johnson's vessels finding ready acceptance in areas the world over.

While they move into their 3rd ten years with a new number of yachts, of which the 87 could be the first; this lady' superyachts styling', together with the advantages that brings, will take care of the johnson marque within industry leading of contemporary yacht design and construction.